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WILL+Partners believes that design has the power to create better places and lives. We specialise in creating inspiring Workplaces, Labs and spaces that bring the best out of your people, increasing productivity and wellbeing.

As future thinkers in workplace, life science and building design, we help organisations understand and unlock the potential that a change in environment can facilitate.

Our global experience includes multiple projects across banking, insurance, technology, retail, mixed use and corporate services.

For our clients we develop Design + Strategy with a focus on workplace. From understanding your headcount, business needs and financial model, through to creating flexible working, collaborative space, workstay, co-work, all formed into a comprehensive office design that supports the business vision and purpose.


Through Research+Knowledge we innovate current and future trends, translating them into reality for our clients. 


We have worked on award-winning projects and are recognised as one of the industry’s cutting edge sustainable thought leadership, with innovative research, design tools, and expertise.


OUR SECTORS: Life Sciences, Banking, Insurance, Technology, Labs, Corporate, Hotels, Repurpose and Refurbishment.



We are committed to providing a service that recognises society's moral, social, wellness, and environmental responsibilities, this is reflected in our purpose and values: design-led, collaborative, responsible, timely and wise.


To realise our commitment we:

  • support, attend, and advise on university awards for excellence annually

  • have a programme for work placements with schools

  • support the British Heart Foundation, YMCA and British Red Cross

  • reinvest a proportion of our profits in research and innovation to better society


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