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Architects are the best Marketers?! Say what you want, and yes this will always be up for debate but why? Click below to find out why.



Pets challenge and opportunities


PETS! We have them, we care for them and we adore them. Introducing the first Issue of our Newsletter, it is only right that we talk about taking your little friends into work. At WILL+ PARTNERS we highly recommend having pets in the office environment, click below to find out why.


DESIGN PRIZE 2019: Winner Announced!


Already off an to amazing and eventful year, we took the initiative to introduce the WILL + PARTNERS Design Prize this year.  A little something we've been planning, we had entries from Brighton’s innovative architecture students.   There was one particular project that caught our attention and won us over.  Let’s not forget how great all the submissions were.




2018 has been an amazing year. We have laid our first footprints and followed our course, trusting the stars in the night. Our new team is going from strength to strength, great projects completed, and new ones started. It is time to say thank you to our fabulous clients and colleagues deepening our relationships with new friendships in 2019. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone from Will+Partners.


WELLNESS MATTERS: Health and Wellbeing in offices and what to do about it



This groundbreaking research project provides definitive guidance on how to enable Health and Wellbeing across an office building’s lifecycle. Our founder William Poole-Wilson has spent much of the last year working on the study as one of the select team of authors, drawn from the construction industry and academia. 


WELLNESS MATTERS: Health and Wellbeing in offices and what to do about it


The rise to prominence of health and wellbeing as a priority within the office sector has been met with loud public enthusiasm and quiet confusion in private. Our experience is that decision makers at all points in a building’s lifecycle are intuitively convinced of the need for action but fundamentally unsure of the necessary inputs, and the achievable or desirable outcomes. 

There is no doubt that health and wellbeing trends will be disruptive to the entire office value chain. Emerging occupant demands, new performance standards, and third party wellness ratings have the potential reshape notions of value within the sector. It needs to equip itself for this change. 

To help all stakeholders to make informed decisions and to capture the benefits for occupants and society at large, a simple ‘go to’ resource is urgently needed. “Wellness Matters” is the BCO’s unique opportunity to apply research and practical guidance to address this knowledge gap:

  • Providing a framework for incorporating health and wellbeing considerations at all points in the building lifecycle.

  • Establishing a simple step-by-step design guide offering teams a health and wellbeing roadmap with roles and responsibilities pre-design, during design, in construction, commissioning, operation and ongoing maintenance

  • Explaining how to set focused, achievable and evidence-based goals that can be applied to every office building, of all ages, in any location

  • Enabling decision makers to maximise the impact of health and wellbeing investment based on a review of the strength of medical and behavioural research

  • Maximising potential return on investment by connecting health and wellbeing considerations to the evidence base on productivity benefits

  • Helping stakeholders to make an informed choice between competing third party assessment and rating tools, or deciding to incorporate high impact elements of these standards into their buildings without seeking certification. 


For the BCO with Perkins+Will, Elementa, and Sentinel RPI, we are working on this guide to be launched in May 2018


For more:

COWORKING 2018 - The flexible workspace evolves

This is an excellent insight in to the emergence of co-working by Elaine Rossall, Cushman and Wakefield


Published Date : 23/01/2018

The rise of the flexible workplace has been one of the driving factors of recent positive office performance, particularly in Central London.

Across Central London alone, flexible workplace providers have taken nearly 20% of office space, while competition in the regional cities is intensifying.

In response to such growth, industry stakeholders are rapidly examining their approach not only to the sector but also to flexibility in general.

How will this fast growing sub sector evolve and what does it mean for traditional office space? In this report, we consider how the sector has expanded across Central London and the UK regions and how business models from both operators and landlords are adapting to changing customer demands.

Click to read Co-working 2018 - The workplace evolves


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