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As some of you may know, we often bring our dogs into our office. I know…you’re jealous! I would be too! Why has having pets in the office environment has always been seen as so difficult? Whether it’s the potential disruption and distraction causable or the relaxing effect they can have on employees within the office environment, at  WILL+Partners, we’ve always been advocates for bringing pets into the office environment. Research has shown that doing so reduces stress levels and creates a livelier workspace that encourages wellness and an overall increased performance. There is a perception that when it comes to the topic of health and wellbeing within the office environment, we often just think about the layout- how we could increase the space usage along with short frequent breaks to break up mundane routines. Not to mention ergonomic office furniture aiding in the long periods spent by our desks. Pets within the office environment do much more than you think.  Don’t just take our word for it. Over at the RSCPA, they state the benefits of bringing pets into the workspace environment:


  1. Improving animal welfare

  2. Improve the lives of dogs who find being left home alone stressful

  3. Make it easier for rescue organisations and charities to rehome dogs

  4. Improve the bond between dog and owner

  5. Boost productivity in the workplace for dog owners and their colleagues

  6. Create a social ice breaker in the office environment

  7. Improve communication and friendships among colleagues

  8. Reduce stress and boost confidence and optimism

  9. Encourage healthy living, exercise and the chance for a proper break in the open air

  10. Encourage responsible dog ownership

We do understand that not every office space may be the best or the most conducive for bringing your pets along and we do understand that.  We know that the discussion needs to be between Landlord and Occupier, we know that we need to consider everyones needs.  Pets need space to wonder around, to nibble on your backpack or gym shoes and occasionally urinate hopefully in the dedicated area! How delightful! However that is why we also encourage you to support charities like the RSPCA, Dogs Trust, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Lost Dogs’ Home, just to mention a few. Whether it may be adopting a pet, volunteering or donations, we encourage you to show your support in any way you can big or small, because a little goes a long way. So, the next time you feel extremely stressed at work or restricted in a tense working space, think about bringing your little friend in, they just might help you and your colleagues. Why? Because wellness matters.

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